Who needs Onhold Messages?

Onhold Messages – In today’s tech-savvy business world, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus all play a key role in communicating with clients and business contacts. However, the telephone is still the main point of contact for inquiries, particularly with initial inquiries, as opposed to contacting via social media platforms or traditional face-to-face sales calls.

Think about it. If your boss wants you to find out information about a particular service or product and they want to know their options by your lunchtime meeting,.. you’re going to need to do some background research on the internet and then start making phone calls to the companies who provide that product or service.Therefore, your first impression of the company you’re contacting all comes down to that phone call!

When you were placed on hold and transferred to the appropriate person, were you left in silence and wondering if the line had been disconnected? Was the company playing repetitive and irritating chimes or was the radio blasting in your ear? OR,…Perhaps you were greeted by a professional voice message?

"onhold messages"

Then when you were transferred to the right person and placed on hold, was there informative, professional onhold messages playing?

Did It answer half the questions you had and leave you feeling impressed and pleased that you’d checked off almost all the boxes without even speaking to anyone yet!

Professional onhold messages and auto-attendant messages are a simple, yet effective solution to a fast-paced office environment that receives numerous phone calls a day. They also portray the right image of your company (the first time and every time thereafter) that you’re trying to get across to your customers and prospective clients!

Ask yourself whether the people who phone your business are greeted with a professionally voiced auto-attendant answering message or onhold messages when they’re placed on hold? If not,…why not?

Professionally voiced on hold messages are for everyone!