Voice-overs for your business?

Apart from terrific phone messages on hold, we specialise in recording voice-overs for your auto attendant, IVR, PABX, VoIP and PA system needs.

For over twenty five years, we’ve been recording all sorts of voice overs. Voice overs for TV commercials, radio ads, staff training and induction programs, PA (Public Address) announcements, elevator announcements, in-store advertising videos, corporate videos and more!

You might already have heard or seen some of our work and not even realised?

If organizations like Ford, Shell, BP, MIDAS, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Queensland Teachers Credit Union, Peters Ice Cream, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Government (Dept. Of State Development), Stradbroke Ferries and Treasury Casino mean anything to you, then chances are you’ve seen or heard our work before!

Straddie Ferries (QLD)

Traveling over to delightful Stradbroke Island in SE Queensland for a holiday soon? Well, you’re going to hear announcements as you board and disembark the vessel just to make sure you do all the right things on the journey over as well as advise you of the safety features and emergency procedures – just in case! The Captain simply presses a button on a control panel to play the relevant message over the vessels’ PA systems. The message files are recorded and produced from the client’s scripts and then the MP3 files are emailed within 24 hours.

Another example of our work is at Treasury Casino in Brisbane. If you use the elevators you’ll hear announcements and ads. That’s us too! It’s a wonderful opportunity to inform and educate visitors of the latest happenings, menu and dining options and any special events that might be coming up. Message updates are recorded in our studios and then emailed direct to the client. The process is simple and very cost effective.

Do you have an application for PA announcement messages for your business? A factory, shopping centre, hotel lobby or elevator?

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